Who We Are:

El Movimiento: Latin Beginnings Ministries was officially formed in 2017, and is driven by a passion to serve the local community through dance and other creative artistic expressions. We are a minority operated nonprofit organization that offers an alternative for youth k-12 through our character building programs developed for the sole purpose of instilling lifelong confidence to mold our youth in grades K-12 into model citizens. We seek to accomplish this goal through our programs that are centered in character building principles, implemented through diverse forms of creative, artistic expression. We believe, art is an integral part of human expression (especially children) in relation to each person’s unique view of the world he/she is experiencing.

Mission Statement:

El Movimiento is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that seeks to share and implement character building principles through programs developed around the various forms of artistic expression, to serve the youth and community at large, by molding and shaping our students to be integral role models and outstanding citizens.

Accolades and Recognition: