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Like any nonprofit organization, El Movimiento depends solely on contributions made by generous people like you, that believe in our vision for providing and offering free programs and activities to support the youth in our community. Taking lessons, participating in fundraiser events, and donating clothing are ways to help support us. Listed below are some modern, alternative and more convenient ways you can contribute and keep us moving forward as we invest invaluable principles, lessons, and integrity through the artistic implementation of dance in our youth.

Donate to El Movimiento by clicking any of the the links below:


V-Dac is a free, convenient service for converting that extra car, truck, or RV into a tax deductible donation benefiting El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries. You can donate online or call 877-999-8322 to make your donation.

Don't donate your car or truck to some charity you have never heard of. Our trusted service makes sure your vehicle is properly handled so you get your tax deduction and your charity, El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries, gets the benefit of your donation.

Start now by clicking on "Donate Now" below. If you are not ready to donate, find out about donating your vehicle by browsing all the valuable information and links on our site.

Donate Now Online!

Or call 1-877-999-8322

Great Hearts Community uses funding from companies, foundations, and individuals to make Great Hearts Awards possible. Great Hearts Community members are then given the opportunity to select the causes that they think should be supported. By connecting people’s knowledge of worthy causes with sponsored funding, Great Hearts is able to ensure that 100 percent of the funds contributed go directly to nonprofits like El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries.

While the Great Hearts Award is underway, every award clicklet you give to El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries is worth $1 to that cause. You may place all your clicklets on one cause or you may give them to several causes. Check regularly to see when the next award starts. To receive more award clicklets, stay actively involved in the Great Hearts Community throughout the week--read about causes, choose favorites, write recommendations, and submit community news stories. Check your giving wallet to see the number of award clicklets you’ve earned.

By joining the Great Hearts Community you're helping to create a new way to support El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries, meet friends, and get inspired. Participation in the Great Hearts Community is free and will always be free. Your information will never be shared. Join today and help sponsor a child at no cost to you!


Help Freely is a free fundraising service for nonprofits and supporters. You shop. We donate!

Generate free donations through your everyday online purchase at no extra cost. Thousands of online shops are ready to give a percentage of whatever you spend online to causes like El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries. Sign-Up and support for free!


Text-To-Donate is the quickest and easiest text-based fundraising service on the market for making donations to El Movimiento on your mobile device! El Movimiento - Latin Beginnings Ministries has partnered with Give Lively to securely process your online donation. Try it today:

Text "DANCE4FREE" to 1-844-544-7171

Charity Clothing Pickup makes a monetary contribution to a local charity for every pound of clothing collected. El Movimiento hosts a Charity Clothing Pickup charitable drop box, which is located directly at the entry way to our Youth center Dance studio. By supporting Charity Clothing Pickup through the local drop box program you help keep clothing from our landfills while supporting El Movimiento along with many other local charities.

Acceptable items include:

shoes - hats - purses - belts - jackets - ties - socks - pajamas - swim suits - sweaters - coats - scarves - suits - jeans - jewelry - glasses - gloves

El Movimiento Drop Box Location: